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Adoption with a summary of each state's laws.
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Who is Eligible?
Individuals employed in the following areas are also eligible to attend a training in their state:

  • State and County Health Department professionals
  • School nurses
  • Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • State Department of Social Services professionals
  • Hospital nurses
  • Title X Clinics
  • Family Planning Clinics
  • Migrant Health Services
  • Staff from OB/GYN Clinics
  • Staff from Primary Care Clinics
  • Indian Health Services staff
  • Urban Indian Health staff
  • Abstinence programs
  • Health Care staff from youth and adult correctional facilities
  • Health Care staff from group care facilities & residential treatment centers
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Military Health Services
  • Foster Care
  • Public Housing
  • College Campus Health Services
  • Rape and Domestic Violence Crisis Centers
  • Domestic Violence Shelters